Ordinary Time — Monday, 1st Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

Do you notice something different at Mass today? I’m wearing green, because today is the first day of Ordinary Time. This season is not considered that special compared to other Church seasons,  like Lent and Easter, or Advent and Christmas. But Ordinary Time is not so-named because it’s plain. The counting numbers (1, 2, 3, 4…)  are called the ordinal numbers.  Likewise, Ordinary Time counts the weeks of the year.

Green is the liturgical  color of this season.  It symbolizes life and growth. Even if we regard other seasons as more special, we must not close ourselves off to the opportunities for spiritual life and growth in this one.  It was an ordinary day when Jesus encountered Simon and Andrew, James and John working in their boats, but they answered a call that changed their lives. It was another sad, childless trip to Jerusalem for Hannah, but this ordinary time she would receive a special gift from God.

So let us learn from their experience, and be attentive and receptive to the Lord in this ordinary time.

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