Across the Waters — Tuesday, 18th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

Today’s gospel follows from yesterday’s. In yesterday’s gospel, Jesus hears that his relative and friend, John the Baptist, has been murdered—for that is what it is to intentionally kill the innocent, even when kings and governments do it. Jesus tries to go to a deserted place, but insistent crowds meet his boat. John’s death turns Jesus’ thoughts to the events ahead of Him. He has the people sit, takes the bread, says the blessing, breaks it, and gives it to His disciples, that they may share this miraculous bread with the people.

When evening comes, He sends off the Twelve ahead of Him in the boat and He dismisses the crowds on their way. Jesus climbs the mountain and communes with His Father in that solitude He longed for. Imagine if you were there with Jesus, giving Him silent company on that hill overlooking the Sea of Galilee, as He contemplated the things that were before Him.

Perhaps Jesus would turn to you, and ask, “Do you see that boat captained by Peter, the likeness of my Church? Shall I walk through the darkness across the waters of this world’s chaos and death? Should I face the headwinds of spiritual evil for you and them?” Of course, Jesus knows what He is going to do, but He wants to hear you answer. Let Him hear how precious His sacrifice is, for you and all His own.

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