Man and Wife — Thursday, 5th Week of Ordinary Time—Year I

God cast a deep sleep on the man and made for him the woman of his dreams. God fashioned her from his rib, perhaps because it was the bone closest to his heart. This reflects her dignity, for the man was made from mud while she was made from flesh. Woman is God’s final and ultimate creation.

The man beholds her with joy and names her, just as he had named every animal. This authorship is a sign of his authority, not to manipulate nor humiliate, but to lovingly lead and to care for what is entrusted to him. (The fact that “the man and his wife were both naked, yet they felt no shame,” reveals that they completely trusted and respected each other.) As Christ loves His Church, so husbands should love their wives.

2 Responses to “Man and Wife — Thursday, 5th Week of Ordinary Time—Year I”

  1. pussywillowpress Says:

    Interesting picture–I’ve always thought of the creation of woman occurring during the day (and man & woman were both created on the 6th day). At the same time, the association between woman and the moon is ancient, and one would expect to sleep at night…so is this why men are more likely to sleep soundly than women ;)?

  2. Katie Reigel Says:

    Beautifully done!!!!

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