Lingering Before The Lord — Tuesday, 17th Week in Ordinary Time—Year I

During the Exodus, the Lord’s presence would descend in a cloud upon the desert tabernacle called the tent of meeting. All the children of Israel would worship at the mouth of their own tents while Moses and his young assistant Joshua went in before the Lord. After speaking with the Lord, Moses had to leave to tend to the responsibilities involved in leading God’s people. Joshua, however, remained behind to pray, give thanks, and intercede for others.

God was pleased with Moses for the time he could spend with Him, blessing Him with a radiant light. He was also pleased with Joshua for lingering after. He would later select Joshua to lead the people after Moses’ passing because he was a man like David, “a man after God’s own heart.” Sometimes we can’t come to Mass early or linger after because of the demands of home and work and that’s ok. But if you can and do spend extra time with the Lord, know that this pleases Him greatly and helps you yield a greater harvest for Him.

2 Responses to “Lingering Before The Lord — Tuesday, 17th Week in Ordinary Time—Year I”

  1. Anticipation Says:

    I am not religiously educated , yet I know
    In my saved soul that Jesus Christ IS the son
    Of God. And with Christ on the throne, any persons on earth can have eternal salvation, as long as thy accept the fact that they at sinners and that HE died for our imperfections. I know Amy sin is forgiven, no matter of its viewed as
    A grave sin, it will be forgiven. But our souls
    Need to
    Be serious about this forgiveness.
    It’s no joke. Humility, compassion, justice. That’s what every true Christian craves. But knowing all crimes are forgiven to absolute true repenters is a boon to my empathetic senses

  2. pussywillowpress Says:

    More! More!

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