An Original Marian Hymn

Hail Mary, with God You Found Favor
by Father Victor Feltes

Set to the tune Rendez a Dieu, (audio, sheet music ) as in “Father, We Thank Thee who has Planted,” or “When John baptized by Jordan’s River.” For use with permission only.

Hail Mary, with God you found favor,
preserved from sin and filled with grace;
prepared as gate for our Creator,
and new Eve for our human race.
“Let it be done to me as you say,”
you told the angel God had sent;
becoming mother of our Savior,
and new ark of the covenant.
Hail Mary, mother of all Christians,
you stood by Christ the day He died.
Now you reign as our queen in heaven,
enthroned beside Him glorified.
Blessed are you among all women
and blessed is your fruit adored.
Pray for us Mary, now and always,
to ever love your Son, our Lord.

Approved for use in the Mass in the Diocese of La Crosse by (then) Bishop Jerome Listecki in August 2009.

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