A Picture is Worth a Thousand Hits

Today, the Parishable Items blog surpassed 10,000 hits.  In recent months, the visitor counts have been increasing exponentially. Are people flocking here for my preaching? Probably not.  I think it’s the pictures I’ve used to illustrate my posts. For example, internet search engine variations of the phrase “Solomon and the Queen of Sheba” have brought more than 350 people to the site; “Jesus (overlooking) Jerusalem,” over 190 hits. Below are what seems to be my three most popular images:

#3: Ruins of the Temple of Apollo in Ancient Corinth, Greece

#2: Jesus Overlooking Jerusalem

#1: Solomon & the Queen of Sheba, Pleased to Meet Each Other

6 Responses to “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Hits”

  1. pussywillowpress Says:

    So how do you find all your pictures? I’ve been wondering that for a while…

  2. Father Victor Feltes Says:

    I use the image-searching features of Bing.com or Google.com.

  3. Katie Reigel Says:

    The picture of Jesus overlooking Jerusalem reminds me of high school days in religion class. This picture is painted in Mrs. Hart’s classroom. Every time I see this picture I think of religion class and Mrs. Hart!!!!

  4. Tom Haulter Says:

    How do I get prmission to use this photo?

    • Brian Says:

      I would also like to know how to get permission to use. Can you please reply – would like to use in a Palm Sunday sermon. Thanks kindly.

      • victorfeltes Says:

        Sorry about the untimely reply–I just saw your comment today. You are welcome to use any of the good ideas that are here, but I cannot speak for the images. They are posted here according to Fair Use (educational, non-commercial) and not my own.

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