20 Good Reasons

Twenty good reasons to attend Mass on Sundays and every holy day of obligation: 

  1. Jesus wants you there.

  2. Mary wants you there.

  3. The angels and saints want you there.

  4. Father wants you there.

  5. Jesus, through his Church, insists.

  6. Our Church needs prayers.

  7. Our world needs prayers.

  8. Our country needs prayers.

  9. Your family and friends need prayers.

  10. Your absence would deprive our parish.

  11. We must put God first in our lives.

  12. We must keep the 3rd Commandment.

  13. Kids must see that Mass is important.

  14. Joining at Mass prepares us for Heaven.

  15. If we refuse, we are unready for Heaven.

  16. The Mass empowers you for daily life.

  17. The Holy Spirit would speak to you.

  18. The Son would come to you.

  19. The Father would bless you.

  20. God is not outdone in generosity.

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