The Angel’s Puzzle

The Lord Jesus recently hosted a dinner party in Heaven to which he invited some of his friends. As they reclined at table, an angel serving in the kitchen became curious as to who was in attendance and snuck the briefest of glances. It wasn’t long enough to immediately identify those around the table, but his angelic intellect was able to intuit a number of facts about them. From this, the angel deduced who the famous saints and blesseds were and where they sat with Jesus.

Can you solve the angel’s puzzle?

The Heavenly Banquet

Puzzle Solution [Highlight to Reveal]: (By Seat Number) 1. St. John the Baptist  2. St. Paul  3. Blessed John Paul II  4. St. Peter  5. Blessed John XXIII  6. St. Mary Magdalene  7. The Blessed Virgin Mary  8. The Lord Jesus Christ  (Other valid, though more obscure, answers are possible.)

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