Happy St. Nicholas Day!

St. Nicholas (270-343 A.D.) was the Greek bishop of Myra (in modern-day Turkey.) He is remembered for his generous, secret gift-giving. In our window, he holds three sacks. This recalls how he once helped a loving father who could not afford dowries for his three unmarried daughters—destining them to a life of destitution, or worse. Under the cover of night, St. Nicholas threw 3 bags of gold coins through their window. (Alternate tellings of this story have him dropping them down the chimney or placing them in the daughters’ drying stockings.) He is also known as the saint who punched the heretic Arius at the council of Nicea in 325 AD. His feast day is December 6th.

One Response to “Happy St. Nicholas Day!”

  1. Susan Sisler Says:

    Wonderful site!! I just found ot while searching for a picture of The Sacred Heart and The Immaculate heart to put on my computer as a screen saver! Thank you!

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