• We love marriage and celebrate celibacy.
  • We scandalize with hard truths and easy mercy.
  • We feed the poor and hungry with food and beauty.
  • We observe days for fasting and feasting.
  • We insist that men lead as servants.
  • We help mothers and their children.
  • We respect women and men as unique and equal.
  • We condemn communism and critique capitalism.
  • We advocate for peace and, as a last resort, Just War.
  • We want everyone to go to Heaven and no one to be killed.
  • We have faith in human reason and employ reason in our Faith.
  • We believe in miracles and demons and investigate them critically.
  • We accept science and Divine Revelation.
  • We canonized God’s books and canonize His saints.
  • We honor Jesus’ Father and mother like He did, as our own.
  • We pray for living and dead neighbors and ask their prayers for us.

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