The Stations of the Cross

Christ Carrying the Cross by El Greco, 1580.1. Pilate Condemns Jesus to Death
– Jesus stood his ground, with neither fight nor flight
– Pilate only pities and does not protect the innocent
– Holiness is not admired by all, and often condemned

2. Jesus Carries his Cross
– The Good Shepherd takes his staff to seek lost sheep
– Your unique cross is designed and meant for you

3. Jesus Falls the First Time
– When you fall, get back up
– To recreate man God goes down to earth’s dust again

4. Jesus Meets his Mother
– Saints may suffer more than most, but are rewarded
– God gives us people to help us through our trials

5. Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus Carry the Cross
– We know neither what good we do nor our sins’ cost
– It could have been Simon Peter instead if he’d come
– Simon helps Jesus with his masculine strength

Christ Carrying the Cross by Hieronymous Bosch, 1485-1490.6. Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
– Veronica helps Jesus with her feminine tenderness
– The name “Veronica” means “true image” in Latin
– All loving deeds bear the likeness of Jesus

7. Jesus Falls the Second Time
– Let us kneel before Jesus

8. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
– Jesus used his sufferings for compassion to others
– Jerusalem would be destroyed some 40 years later

9. Jesus Falls the Third Time
– Three falls, three failures, but none of them sins

10. Jesus is Stripped of his Garments
– A seamless garment, as Jewish high priests wore
– Jesus is made as naked as Adam

The Three Crosses by Rembrandt. 165311. Jesus is Nailed to the Cross
– Behold the new Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
– Jesus is showing us how much he loves us

12. Jesus Dies on the Cross
– Jesus extends his arms between Heaven and earth
– Our crucified God endures the problem of evil

13. Jesus is Taken Down from the Cross
– Love can require letting ourselves be a “burden”
– The world took all it could, but God had more to give

14. Jesus is Laid in the Tomb
– From a new womb to a new tomb, both freely offered
– The mustard seed is planted

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