A Memorial Day Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, you journeyed far from your home in heaven to save us on earth who could not save ourselves.

You were not eager to suffer and to die, but you gave your life so that the good would prevail.

Lord, you taught us: ‘There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friend.’

Today we remember those who journeyed far from home, to defend, to fight for, to save people who could not save themselves.

We remember those who, while still loving life, risked their lives, and ultimately gave their lives, for freedom, for goodness, for right to prevail.

We honor those who laid down their lives for Americans at home, for innocents abroad, and for the brothers-in-arms at their side.

May our remembrance today of these fallen dead honor them fittingly, and be pleasing to you, as we honor the virtues displayed in them which you love so much. 


U.S. Flag

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