2nd Week in Ordinary Time—Year II Meditations & Homily Builder

Monday, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Settling amidst Amalekites would be as patching or pouring new into old.
  • “Obedience” and being “upright” are “better than sacrifice.”
  • There are times to feast and times to fast in God’s will for us.

Petitions:  Faithfulness Amid Temptation, Those Who Hunger, New Marriages

Tuesday, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • King Saul & the Pharisees would wrongly condemn God’s true servants.
  • Others see the appearance, but Jesus looks into our hearts.
  • Jesus is the “Anointed One” (or, in Greek, the Christ) far greater than David.

Petitions:  Priestly Vocations, Large Families, Against Prejudices

Wednesday, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Both Jesus and the ancient killer beckon, “Come here…”
  • Goliath’s might brought infamy, while the withered man’s weakness gave glory.
  • Jesus’ wielded the Torah written on smooth stones against his foes.

Petitions:  Apologists, Soldiers, The Disabled

Thursday, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Jesus, our God, is our faithful friend, like Jonathan to David.
  • The crowds’ adulation endanger the old and new David’s.
  • While each deliverers, David slew whereas Jesus healed.

Petitions:   Humility, Famous People, Friendship

Friday, 2nd Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • High office alone does not make one great in the Kingdom of God.
  • Saul coveted his anointing, but Jesus shares it with the Apostles.
  • Jesus’ twelve Apostles accomplished more than Saul’s 3,000 soldiers.

Petitions:  Underground Churches, Bishop & Priests, Mercy

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