Watch “The Chosen”

The Chosen” is a truly excellent dramatized series about Jesus’ early ministry. I highly recommend it. They flesh-out characters and scenes from the Gospel texts in creative but faithful ways. The depiction of Jesus is particularly compelling. You can see the first season’s episodes on YouTube or through this free app.










3 Responses to “Watch “The Chosen””

  1. Pauline O'Callaghan Says:

    I watched part of this wonderful series about 2 weeks ago. Having listened to Truth and Life dramatized audio Bible several years ago, this series completed the experience.

    Do listen to the interviews with the young man behind the creation of this series and why is it presented as he has done. But, please remember, it is not a bible study, it is a dramatization of the life of Our Saviour.

    It is superb!

  2. jobe Says:

    If a Catholic and non Catholic watched together would Catholic doctrine be clear, for example, the brothers/cousins of Jesus (perpetual virginity of Mary)?

    • Fr. Victor Feltes Says:

      I recall “The Chosen” making no reference to any other children of Mary. In the Christmas episode she is seen experiencing labor pains — the Evangelical creators did not realize this was a point of contention. Her motherly intercession at Cana is presented as bringing about the decisive start of Jesus’ public mission, but Mary does not feature largely in other episodes. They do not portray anything shameful about the Virgin Mary, but her character in “The Chosen” is not so extraordinarily remarkable as the woman she truly is. It’s the weak spot in an excellent series.

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