A Hidden Parable — 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time—Year A

Gospel Reading:  Matthew 4:12-23

Simon Peter and Andrew were casting a net into the sea. Jesus said to them, “Come after me, and I will make you fishers of men.” James and John were mending their nets when Jesus called them.

Fish = Scattered Humanity
Sea = The chaotic, deadly, fish-eat-fish World
Boat = The Church (like Noah’s Ark)
Fishermen = Christ’s Disciples
Nets = The Good News, the Content of the Faith
Casting Nets = Evangelizing Others
Mending Nets = Repairing Gaps in our Understanding

Fishermen draw fish from the sea into their boat using nets which must be both cast and mended. Christian disciples likewise draw men from the world into the Church by both sharing the Good News and ever more deeply grasping its saving content.

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