“Long Live Christ the King!”

     We tend to think of Mexico as one of the most Catholic countries around, but for a time in 1920’s it was illegal to celebrate the Mass there. That did not stop priests like Blessed Miguel Pro, S.J. from ministering to people clandestinely. After many close calls, Fr. Pro was captured by the police and sentenced to death on false charges that he was somehow connected to a bombing assassination plot.

Blessed Miguel Pro before the firing squad, November 23, 1927.

     When he was led out for his execution by firing squad, Fr. Pro blessed the soldiers, knelt and quietly prayed for a time. He declined a blindfold and faced his executioners with a crucifix in one hand and a rosary in the other. He held out his arms in imitation of the crucified Christ and shouted, “May God have mercy on you! May God bless you! Lord, you know that I am innocent! With all my heart I forgive my enemies!” Just before the firing squad was ordered to shoot, he proclaimed, “Viva Cristo Rey!” (“Long live Christ the King!”) When the initial shots failed to kill him, a soldier shot him point-blank. The anti-Catholic government had a photographer on hand to capture these moments for propaganda purposes, but soon after the images were published their possession was made illegal; seeing the Catholic priest, dying bravely and faithfully, was an inspiration to the oppressed people.

2 Responses to ““Long Live Christ the King!””

  1. mark mitchell Says:

    This is such an important story to know and recount, especially for all those brain-dead Catholics who are becoming more and more secularized in this nation NOT founded by Catholics, but settled for the most part by lip-service Judeo-Christians, SOME of whom were Catholic. And it becomes more clear with each passing month that too many are completely apathetic and smug and lazy, reflected in the BAD chooice for President, done twice by such. Barack H. Obama MAY be, just MAY be, a precursor to something immensely worse than he; God help us if that transpires. VIVA CRIST REY!

  2. Homily for the Feast of Christ the King... - Christian Forums Says:

    […] to people clandestinely. After many close calls, Fr. Pro was captured by the police and… “Long live Christ the King!”… __________________ The more I follow the online discussions … the more I follow the debates and […]

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