7th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II Meditations & Homily Builder

Monday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Jesus comes down the mountain with mighty wisdom from above.
  • The Lord’s ‘perfect, trustworthy, right, clear, pure, and true’ words prevail over evil.
  • Prayer will drive out spirits of jealousy and selfish ambition among us.

Petitions:  Faith, Special Needs Families, Prayer

Tuesday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • His disciples argued who was greatest because they coveted, envied, and did not understand.
  • As resisting the Devil causes him to flee, so the Lord’s timely question silenced their feud.
  • “Humble yourselves before the Lord,” like a child, in Christ’s likeness, “and he will exalt you.”

Petitions:  Church Unity, World Peace, Openness to Life

Wednesday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Mighty deeds may be accomplished in the name of the Lord, if he wills it.
  • The actions of a Christian arrogantly disregarding God’s will, speak ill of him.
  • Instead of complaining, the one who does not follow ought be told the right thing to do.

Petitions:  Separated Brethren, Entrepreneurs, Discernment

Thursday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Better to hand over what is not yours than to be thrown into fiery Gehenna or the deadly sea.
  • “These little ones” are children, but also laborers; the poor, the voiceless, and the vulnerable.
  • The millstones of “God grind slowly; yet they grind exceeding small.” (Longfellow’s “Retribution”)

Petitions:  God’s Little Ones, Just Wages, Manual Laborers

Friday, 7th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Wedding vows are solemn promises, so let your “I do” mean “I do.”
  • “Do not complain, [husbands and wives,] about one another,” for “the Lord is kind and merciful.”
  • The Lord became one flesh with us, “because the Lord is compassionate and merciful.”

Petitions:  Eucharistic Devotion, The Seemingly Abandoned, Sanctified Speech

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