6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II Homily Builder

Monday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Some doubt against their will, but others doubt willfully to reject the Lord.
  • God gives “generously and ungrudgingly” to all who are willing to receive.
  • Jesus’ boat was not adrift, but harnessed the wind to go where his Father willed.

Petitions:  Greater Gifts, Atheists and Agnostics, This Generation

Tuesday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Jesus’ veiled language was not to mislead the disciples, for “he himself tempts no one.”
  • Like with temptation, one who strives to understand Jesus “will receive the crown of life.”
  • Recalling God’s previous mighty works helps us to endure temptation.

Petitions:  Understanding Divine Revelation, The Hungry, Enduring Temptation

Wednesday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Be “quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger,” for we are slow to see things as they truly are.
  • Jesus practiced pure religion, working great goods not to be showy, but for goodness’ sake.
  • When beholding others, do not forget that Jesus died on a tree for each one of them.

Petitions:  Charitable Apostolates, True Sight, The Disabled

Thursday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Since Jesus is our Christ, he rightly to makes the distinction: “Get behind me,” i.e., follow me.
  • Jesus models how the “poor” in spirit, wealth, and power become “heirs of the Kingdom.”
  • If we “look to” Jesus in our lives and neighbor our “faces may not blush with shame.”

Petitions:  Christian Discipleship, Inequality, Fraternal Correction

Friday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

  • Jesus and Abraham’s sacrifices were works of faith for new covenants in power. (Genesis 22)
  • Even the demons believe “Jesus is Lord,” but they do not serve or follow him and are condemned.
  • Works without faith end in death: what does it profit to gain the whole world and lose one’s life?

Petitions:  Vocations, Non-Catholic Christians, Refugees and Homeless

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