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I invite you to use these questions I authored for your own Trivia Night events. But if you do, I ask that you would mail some donation to my parish:

St. Paul’s Catholic Parish
1222 Main St.
Bloomer WI 54724

Ad Slogans (Answers)
Corporate Logos (Answers)
Food People (Answers)
TV Commercials (Answers)

Catholic Stats (Answers)
Gospel Writers (Answers)
Grace States (Answers)*
Saints (Answers)
Scripture Cities (Answers)
Scripture Specifics (Answers)
Selected Scriptures (Answers)

20th Century History (Answers)
20th Century Quotes (Answers)
2015 A.D. (Answers)
2019 A.D. (Answers)
Burial Sites (Answers)
U.S. Disasters (Answers

Literature & Language
Acronyms (Answers)
Comic Characters (Answers)
Famous First Words (Answers)
Famous Last Words (Answers)
Language Arts (Answers)
Languages (Answers)
Latin Phrases (Answers)
NATO Alphabet (Answers)
Shakespeare or Scripture (Answers)

Movies & TV
80’s Movie Quotes (Answers)
Disney Dialogue (Answers)
Fictional Addresses (Answers)
Fictitious Pets (Answers)
Film Franchises (Answers)
Game Show Quotes (Answers)
Leading Lady Lines (Answers)
Out on a Date (Answers)
Sidekicks (Answers)
TV Jobs (Answers)
TV Leads (Answers)

Christmas Lyrics (Answers)
Lead Singers (Answers)
Musicals (Answers)
The Beatles (Answers)
“Weird Al” Songs (Answers)
Work Songs (Answers)

Object Identification
Candies (Answers)
Cereals (Answers)
Game Pieces (Answers)
Noodles (Answers)
Seeds (Answers)

American Idol or U.S. Senator (Answers)*
Caesar, Luther, or Bieber (Answers)
Famous Mates (Answers)*
Gandhi, Lincoln, or Joan (Answers)
Past Presidents (Answers)
Ten Toms (Answers)

Famous Buildings (Answers)
Island Silhouettes (Answers)
Largest Cities (Answers)*
Plant Places (Answers)
State Silhouettes (Answers)
State Nicknames (Answers)
U.S. States (Answers)
Wisconsin Attractions (Answers)

Science & Tech
Animals (Answers)
Car Models (Answers)
Inventions (Answers)
Medical Facts (Answers)
Meteorology (Answers)
Scientific Claims (Answers)
Weighty Questions (Answers)*

Athlete Nicknames (Answers)
Second Place Sports (Answers)*
The Green Bay Packers (Answers)

Tie-Breaker Examples*

Child Psychology (Answers)
Colors (Answers)
Days of the Week (Answers)
Famous Paintings (Answers)
Holidays (Answers)
Key Food Ingredients (Answers)
Left or Right (Answers)
Search Results (Answers)

Note: Answer sheets tagged above with an “*”
may need updating with the passage of time.

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