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Grandparents’ Day Children’s Mass

May 23, 2010

How long have your grandparents been your grandparents? My grandpa’s and grandma’s have been mine for as long as I can remember.  In fact, your grandparents were around before you even existed (and even before your parents existed!)

When your grandma’s and grandpa’s heard the news of your birth, they rejoiced that you were in the world. They know you. They understand what your life is like now and they are wise about the things that lie ahead of you–they have gone through it all themselves already . Your grandparents love you. If there was ever something that you needed, or something you wanted and that it would be good for you to have, they would want to give it to you.

Your grandparents are a lot like Jesus.  He existed before any of us, and He rejoiced when we came to into the world.  He knows you, and he understands what lies ahead of you, because He’s gone through it all Himself. If there is ever something that you really need, or something that you want and that it would be good for you to have, ask Him and He will give it to you.

Our grandpa’s and grandma’s bear a likeness to Jesus Christ. And all of you adults out there–you possess an insight into how Jesus relates to us, through your relationships with these young ones.